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We own and manage football clubs with a high growth potential aiming to deliver long-term sporting and economic success.


Clermont Foot 63

Core Sports Capital acquired the majority of Clermont Foot 63 in Q1 of 2019 and increased its ownership ever since to 97%.

Founded in 1990 only but heir to a long-lasting football tradition in Auvergne, Clermont Foot 63 has played in Ligue 2 for the last 14 seasons. In the past ten years, the club was very close from touching the grail of Ligue 1 promotion on various opportunities until the season 2020/21, when the club secured its slot in the top league for the first time in its history. The club managed to maintain its position in Ligue 1, allowing it to further invest in and strengthen its structures. 

The club is a symbol of innovation, with the first woman, Corinne Diacre, coaching a pro club in one of the “Big 5” football countries from 2014 – 2017. In 2017 the inauguration of the academy shared with the rugby pro club, the only example in the world, marked another important milestone. A new 16,000-seater modernized stadium and the construction of a training center demonstrate the club’s determination to continuous development both on and off the field of play.

In football terms, Clermont Foot 63 enjoys a reputation for playing a sophisticated tactical and technical game. The coaches have been elected four times in the past thirteen years (2007, 2011, 2015, and 2019) “Best coach of Ligue 2”.

Located in the Region of Auvergne with a powerful economic base - Michelin is one of the world's leading tire manufacturers, and Limagrain is one of the largest global seed producers - Clermont Foot 63 is embedded into a dynamic and innovative commercial environment.

SC Austria Lustenau

Core Sports Capital has owned 25% of SC Austria Lustenau since Q2 of 2022.

Founded in 1914, SC Austria Lustenau plays its home matches at Reichshofstadion, where it has been based since 1951. The club's history includes several cup finals, numerous promotions and relegations, and some spells of sustained success.

The cooperation with SC Austria Lustenau started as an advisory mandate in 2020. Tasked to develop, deliver, and implement specific sporting services, SC Austria Lustenau won the 2021/22 season championship, securing promotion to the 1st Austrian Bundesliga following a 22-year absence from the topflight.

As an integral part of our club alliance, SC Austria Lustenau provides an ideal environment for current and future Ligue 1 and established local and regional players to further develop and thrive in a competitive sporting environment. As demonstrated by the number of players, SC Austria Lustenau provides an ideal growth platform for future Clermont Foot 63 players to unlock their full potential within our club alliance. 

Like Clermont Foot 63, SC Austria Lustenau will receive a new stadium. The stadium is located directly on the Rhine and blends into the combining old and new. The expansion will create space for 7,000 visitors, modernize local scenery as the infrastructure for sports and leisure, and create a regional hotspot.

Based in the Vorarlberg region, precisely on the Rhine riverbank, SC Austria Lustenau provides an ideal geographical hub also for potential German and Swiss talents.


FC Biel-Bienne 1896

This is the first time we have been involved in a project with a Swiss club since the end of 2022. The partnership takes place on a sporting level, supporting FC Biel-Bienne 1896 with our scouting network and expertise. This commitment to FC Biel-Bienne 1896 is long-term, which is why we have also been co-owners with a one-third stake since spring 2023.


FC Biel-Bienne 1896 plays in the Promotion League and has an outstanding infrastructure in the form of the Tissot Arena and training ground. Furthermore, the city of Biel, with a language share of 50/50 German and French, represents a perfect link between Clermont Foot 63 and SC Austria Lustenau.


The National Sports Center Magglingen, the CNF Clairefontaine of Switzerland, is located near Biel and offers an excellent platform for education and training.

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